Full Name:
Rob Anybody
Formerly leader of a clan of the Nac Mac Feegle, Discworld.
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Dinnae fasch yersel’. Ah willnae be nickin’ yer goodies if ye’ll be leavin’ out a wee dram. 6 inches tall, red hair, big beard, covered in blue tattoos. Bigger boots. An’ for those who might be askin’, there’ll be nothin’ worn under th’ kilt; ‘tis all in workin’ order!


A retired old guy enjoying himself on the beach in a small town in Baja.

Take yer pick. Both could be true.
Contact information and Social Networks: (Him daid. RIP: 2009 April 2)

or ask me.
Political Views:
Liberal (adjective) 1. open to new behavior or opinions and willing to discard traditional values.
atheist, with a definite buddhist leaning
Scotch Whiskey, dark beers, and... ummm... lotsa other stuff, animate, inanimate and imaginary.
People who can't muster compassion, trumpanistas. Also, like other people, certain foods and beverages that make me go Yuck! Ptooey! and Gack!
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Musical interests:
ABC (Anything But Country) which is only a slight exaggeration. Young people have been surprised more than once to find me playing EDM, **loudly**. Also a very eclectic assortment of rock, jazz, pop, trance, techno, New Wave, classical and just down-right odd stuff since the mid-60s. Not much of a fan of big band, 50s and early 60s music.
Books, literature:
Non-fiction science, scifi (classic and contemporary), Annals of the Former World, Cryptonomicon, Pratchett's Discworld,  the 1632 alternate history series, most things by Kim Stanley Robinson (esp. Mars trilogy), Neal Stephenson (Baroque trilogy, Mongoliad trilogy) way, way too many more to list.
Well crafted movies with a great story-line. Especially those with great cinematography. examples? Blade Runner. Lawrence of Arabia, The Last Emperor.
GoT, WestWorld, American Gods. In a nutshell, anything with great stories and high production values. Almost nothing anymore on network TV, save Big Bang Theory and Murphy Brown.
Retired! And damn good thing, too. Work was seriously cutting into my other interests.
I've had me some of this.